Hello everyone My name is Mary.








Seven weeks have already passed. I think it's the fastest time of my life. It's so nice here that I think it's just passing by. At first, I was shy and hard to adjust but I'm so grateful to my good friends, Silver team. And my other friends and my teachers. I was so happy to be their student. 


すでにここにきて7週間が過ぎました。私の人生の中で最も時が流れるのが早い7週間でした。ここでとても良い時間を過ごせました。最初は恥ずかして、いろいろと慣れるのに苦労しましたが、シルバーメンバーたちにはとても感謝しております。他の友人と先生たちにも。 彼女たちの生徒でいれたことが幸せでした。



When I first took the class, I was very nervous, and it must have been hard for them to teach me because I am not good at English. But without such an inside look, they always treated me.





I wanted to say that I’m really sorry all of you because I don't speak English well. Before I came here, I didn't prepare everything in studying English so I couldn't talk to anyone here. I hope everyone has sympathy. 








Although I don't understand what people say to me but I feel everyone is very friendly, open minded and kind. I'm very thankful to my teachers who helped me speak English confidently.





To my friends, classmates and the staff thank you also. I will miss you guys. I will keep those memories we’ve made wherever I may go. I will remember the warmth of the people who spend each other as a family.





To my friends, I will miss you my friends who always there for me to listen my ideas though I have a lot of mistakes in English.



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    I have stayed in Cebu Study for a month。I had a blast in Cebu because I met good teachers and friends a lot。 私はセブスタディで1か月を過ごしました。良い先生と友達に恵まれたおかげで、セブでの生活は本当に楽しいものとなりました。 On the first day、I took a level test and consulted with a teacher、and it is good that the curriculum is set according to the reason for studying English。 初日に、私はレ...
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  2. Janeさんの卒業エッセイ

    Hello everyone! It's been four weeks since I came here. At first time. It was hardship for me to unaccustom here because of heat weather, but academy staffs provided delicious meals and energetic teachers and friends make me energetic, so I accustomed here. I'm grateful to all teachers みなさん、こんにちは! ここに来てから4週間が経ちました。 初めは、暑い気候のため、ここでの生活に慣れるのが大変でし...
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  3. Tammyさんの卒業エッセイ

    Hello、everyone。 こんにちは皆さん。 It seems like it was just yesterday that I came here with Jason、but it's already a month has passed。In retrospect、it's a short time、but with the help of my teachers、I am satisfied that my fear of English had diminished a bit。 ジェイソンと一緒に学園に到着したのが昨日のようですが、すでに一ヶ月が過ぎましたね。振り返ってみると、本当に短い時間でした。しかし、先...
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  4. Ranさんの卒業エッセイ

    Hello everyone. みなさん、こんにちは。 Time flies so fast and I already go back to Japan. Thank you for the last two months. I was very grateful to all of my teachers and everyone in here. At first, I think my English level was too low and they were confused. Sorry! But everyone was very kind. Nowadays, I can understand their English. So now I am much happier than before. I really want to spend mor...
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  5. Jasminさんの卒業エッセイ

    Good afternoon teachers and students。I'm Jasmine from Korea。It's time to say goodbye。 こんにちは先生たち、そして生徒の皆さん。私は韓国から来たジャスミンです。さよならを言う時間ですね。 I'm going back to Korea about 9 pm tonight。I have 8 classes a day for 3 shorts months。Sometimes、I felt very exhaused。 私は今夜 9時頃に韓国に戻ります。3ヶ月という短い期間の間に、一日に8時間クラスがありました。...
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  6. Jimmyさんの卒業エッセイ

    Good afternoon everyone, こんにちは、皆さん、 Truly, I feel like waking up after a long beautiful and incredible dream. I can not believe the day when my graduation has come. I also can not believe that it is time to say goodbye to my teachers and my friends. Time is cruel. Is it right, Teacher Noreen? 本当に私は長い間,素晴らしい夢を見て、今目が覚めたような気分です。卒業日が来るなんて信じられない。...
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  7. Sueさんの卒業エッセイ

    Hello、my lovely teachers and friends こんにちは、私の素敵な先生と友達の皆。 I can not believe that three weeks has already passed。I could feel goodwill from all of you here 3週間がすでに過ぎたなんて信じられないです。ここの皆んなの優しさをいっぱい感じました。 First of all、I'd like to thank all my teachers for supporting me。When I came here、I could not express my opinion in English。 まず私を常...
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  8. Maryさんの卒業エッセイ

    Hello everyone My name is Mary. こんにちは、みなさん、私はMaryです。 Seven weeks have already passed. I think it's the fastest time of my life. It's so nice here that I think it's just passing by. At first, I was shy and hard to adjust but I'm so grateful to my good friends, Silver team. And my other friends and my teachers. I was so happy to be their student. すでにここにきて7週間が過ぎました。私...
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  9. 日本人マネージャーとしての半年間(Kelly)

    日本人マネージャーとして、セブスタディで半年以上勤務させていただきました。 1日の内に、仕事と勉強を両立しながらセブスタディで生活しました。 マネージャーとしての立場と、生徒としての立場から見たセブスタディのレビューです。 1.セブスタディで過ごした期間はいつ、何週間ですか? 3/2~9/20までの29週間でした。2.セブスタディを選択した理由は何ですか? セブ島留学は3回目で、今回はセブ島でのインターンシップを...
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  10. Pyoさんの卒業エッセイ

    Hello everyone, good afternoon! こんにちは、みなさん。 I’m the kindest person in Cebustudy. Finally, I am going back to Korea but I don’t want to say sad words because I think this is not the last time. 私はセブスタディで最も優しい生徒です。ついに私は韓国に帰ります、でも悲しい言葉は伝えたくありません、なぜならこれがみんなとの最後になるとは思っていないからです。 We can meet each other again. Anyway,...
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