Hello, my dear teachers and friends.


I actually have unspeakable feelings when waiting for this speech. Time is so fast. It has been really one month since the day I came here, and I’ll have to go home this Saturday.



First of all, I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to all the teachers. You are so warm-hearted, kind and friendly. During this period, I’ve earned the English-speaking technique. I’ll try my utmost to learn and use it myself after I go back to Vietnam although I’ll certainly be very busy.



Moreover, I enjoyed not only the wonderful time, but also the unforgettable memories with the new friends when we had dinner and travelled together.


Furthermore, I’ve earned the friendship in this journey. It’s a new, valuable experience and discovery in my life.



I hope to see you at Cebustudy or in Vietnam again in the near future.



Goodbye to all the teachers and friends!



Enjoy your holiday and weekend!




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    Hello, my dear teachers and friends. こんにちは、愛する先生と友達へ。 I actually have unspeakable feelings when waiting for this speech. Time is so fast. It has been really one month since the day I came here, and I’ll have to go home this Saturday. 実際にこのスピーチをする時が来ることは、言葉にできない気持ちでした。時間が過ぎるのはあっという間ですね。私がここに初めて来て1ヵ月になり、そして今週の土...
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    Good afternoon everyone. First of all, let me thank everyone here today for honoring my graduation. Today is my last day. During the days I lived here I felt very comfortable because everyone was very friendly and energetic. I have a lot of beautiful memories and lots of new friends. I have learned more about the culture of many countries from my teachers and friends. All of the teachers look so ha...
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  9. ベトナム人マネージャー、マリスさんの卒業エッセイ

    I have been so touched by all the well-wishes that I have received from all of you. But now it’s my turn to say thank you. I have been in Cebu for five months for studying English, that time is not short and not long, but it’s enough for me to get a lot of experiences. When the time was almost over, I found guidance, friendship, discipline and love of everything in a place, that place is Cebustudy....
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    Actually, 4 weeks has passed in the blink of an eye for me. Time didn’t wait for me. It went very fast. 実際、4週間は私にとって瞬く間に過ぎてしまいました。時間は私を待ってくれず、とても早く過ぎました。 Two months ago, I investigated everything related to Cebustudy on the internet. I read all sites, and watched YouTube. 2ヶ月前、インターネットでセブスタディに関連するすべてのものを探しました。すべて...
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