It is almost time to say goodbye.



Looking back at the past, I was hesitant to come and study English in Cebu. Why? It’s because I needed to adjust to the new environment and the people who will surround me. Sometimes, it made me felt scared but I always looked forward for the better outcome of my study here. When the time came that I was already here, my classmates and teachers always encouraged me to study English well. They helped me forget my loneliness by cheering my up. For this reason, I thank them for their words of encouragement.







At this moment, let me leave a wonderful message to my teachers and friends.




To my teachers.




Teacher Zam. She is a funny and attractive woman. In her class, our group mates, Andy and Peter, were perfect to communicate English as far as I feel.




Teacher Frank. In his class, I’ve watched good movies. It’s helpful for me to learn English especially in developing my listening skills and slang words.




Teacher Rhona. Her pronunciation is almost native American. I won’t forget that she pronounced the words “Let’s start.”

ロナ先生。彼女の発音は、ほとんどネイティブアメリカンです。彼女が発音した「Let's start(さあ、はじめよう)」という言葉を忘れません。



Teacher Shammy. Her grammar class was difficult for me but then again, she made me understand everything easily. In some point of our grammar lesson, we practiced repeatedly in order to use the hard expressions. However now I can’t say I’m much better than before.




Teacher Cenif. She was funny and we talked about all kinds of things in life: love, friendship and so on.





Teacher Raquel. My strength in the afternoon class was almost drained but she always made me happy during our class time. Because of her vocabulary class, I got a perfect score in a monthly vocabulary test.





Lastly, Teacher Noreen. She helped me improve my speaking skills. Her class is very difficult for me to express in English but she waited for me until I finally arranged my thoughts before I was going to share my ideas.




To my classmates and friends.



 My friends who already graduated (Hanna, Sunny and Young) advised me to enjoy studying English when I was a new student here before. Indeed, they made me feel comfortable living in this academy.




Last but not least, Andy, Simon, Peter, Shawn, Amber and special friends Le and Power. They are my friends in Cebustudy. I am grateful to be with them. We were studying together, diving and having a party as well. Apparently, I was grateful to them because I acquired a precious experience during my studying here.

大事なことを言い忘れましたが、Andy(アンディ)、Simon(サイモン)、Peter(ピーター)、Shawn(ショーン)、Amber(アンバー)、そして特別な友人Le(リー) と Power(パワー)。彼らは、Cebustudyの私の友達です。私と一緒にいてくれてありがとう。私たちは一緒に勉強していて、ダイビングをして、パーティーもしました。




To sum up, studying English and creating good friendship with the other students at the same time definitely gave me wonderful memories to keep forever in my life. If I have another chance to learn English, it must be in Cebustudy with my family.



Thank you.















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